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While my daughter's were growing into young women both acquired a passion for skincare, makeup and fashion. It became very challenging  for me as a single mom to provide them with the tools they needed to express their creativity and accentuate their beauty. Products can be very pricey and don't always work as expected. Over the years they have experimented with different products and colors trying to get flawless skin and that right look. There are many challenges when it comes to finding products that work well for your skin and colors that compliment different skin tones as well as the eyes. I wanted to help my daughters explore their creative side and combine that energy with true entrepreneurship. Together we have  designed some beautiful and natural products that are not only inspired by them but, with you in mind. "Nyre Skye" is for everybody, everyday.


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The Turmeric and honey soap got me right. My face was bad with black spots all on my face, They are all gone. Thank you!


My daughter loves her 'Soulestial" eye shadow and brushes. She's a teenager and loves the bold bright colors.

Dawn Mega 

I am not a person that wears make-up all the time, but I love the Simply You eyeshadows. So easy to apply and wear with anything  .

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